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Loose Leaf Tea Set - Ancestral Embrace Relax Tea

Loose Leaf Tea Set - Ancestral Embrace Relax Tea

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Makes at least 2 gallons - 10 fillable tea bags, 1 oz of Loose Leave Tea (enough for at least 10 cups), 1 Crystal Tea Bag weight

A blend of:

Motherwort - emotional calm support

Rose Petals - relax inflammation

Hawthorn Berry - stress calming support

Linden - tension calming support

Violet - soothe restlessness

Cardamon - digestive soothing

Cinnamon Chips - high antioxidant


steep 5-10 minutes in hot water add honey to sweeten

*As with all herbal self-care, consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking it as a regimented remedy.

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