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The Thunderbird Farm HandCrafted

Woodland Fox Cub on Sand - Original Thunderbird Fabrics

Woodland Fox Cub on Sand - Original Thunderbird Fabrics

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Choose between a few different weights of fabric:

Basketweave Canvas is a natural fiber fabric that uses large, combed, and ring-spun cotton yarn with a heavyweight basket-style weave. It is 100% cotton giving it incredible strength and durability. (Like WRC without the WR - Great for Bag Making)

- Luxe Sateen is a smooth cotton with a subtle sheen and captures excellent color and details. It is 100% cotton with a high thread count weave. It's thicker than our traditional Cotton Sateen with the same beautiful drape and style. (Beautiful for Bag Exterior/Interior & Apparel)

- Large Box Thermal features a beautifully textured surface that brings your designs to life. It offers a 4-way stretch with great recovery with natural breathability due to the cotton content. (Pairs beautiful with our Organic Knit for Joggers & Hoodies)




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